International Programme for Applied Canine Studies


 Understanding Real-Life Skills

We are offering past IPACS 1 / IDBTS students an opportunity to further their understanding in our cutting-edge approach to understanding and developing Real Life Skills.

These are skills for real life: genuine skills that dogs and their owners need to be able to live more harmoniously within both canine and human societies.  As always, key concepts include awareness, analysis and competence.

Unfortunately, there is a current trend to interpret the term Life Skills in a way that translates into a modified form of conventional training.  It is a step in the right direction to identify skills and in doing so move away from repetitive exercises.  However, there is still a very great tendency to continue society’s myth that dogs should deal with absolutely everything that life throws at them no matter what their ability may be, and to learn superficial behaviours that cover over the gaps.  

Our view is that through understanding, identifying and developing skills relevant to the individual’s character and emotional, psychological and environmental circumstances, the true potential of the individual will develop more quickly. We have distinguished our concept of Life Skills from others by the addition of the word “Real”: the skills that both dog and owner need for themselves and that are realistic for the individual. 

The IPACS 2 is an opportunity for you to take your knowledge further and to develop a good understanding about its application in daily life.

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